Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) means that you can get course credit for the skills and knowledge that you have gained through your work and life experience, as well as training that you have completed that is outside formal training arrangements.ABS has a process that has been structured to minimise the time and cost to applicants and provides a supportive approach to students wishing to take up this option. You should ideally apply for RPL at the time of enrolment but you may also apply up to 2 weeks into your course.

If you think RPL is a suitable option for you, the first step is to contact your trainer/assessor or our office and have a conversation about whether or not RPL might be suitable for you. Suitability is often determined on how much experience you have in a certain area, your work history and previous training. If RPL is determined as a possibility for you, you will be provided with a kit that will guide you in working through each unit to determine relevant skills and experience and identify whether you would be able to provide the required evidence.

A trainer/assessor will be available to assist you throughout this process. To apply for RPL, you will need to fill in a part of the kit and return it with an RPL Application Form. Your application will then be assessed for suitability and you will then be contacted by an assessor to progress the RPL process. From here, usually the RPL process involves gathering evidence to demonstrate skills, knowledge and experience, responding to questions, completing tasks and depending on the area, observation of your work skills in your workplace. Fees are applicable for Recognition of Prior Learning and you will be advised of these fees upon contacting us. For more information about submitting an application for RPL, contact us.

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