As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) registered with Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), we have an obligation to ensure the quality of the nationally recognised training and assessment we deliver. We must comply at all times with the Standards for Registered Training Organisation (RTO) 2015 which are part of the VET Quality Framework. To ensure compliance we have developed comprehensive internal policies, procedures and systems that guide our compliant operations and we must participate in audits with ASQA upon their request. As the RTO we have the responsibility to issue your AQF certification documents in line with our issuance policy as outlined in this Handbook. If at any time you feel we have not met our obligations as an RTO, you have the right to make a complaint following our Complaints and Appeals Policy outlined further on in this Handbook.


To ensure the provision of quality training services to our target domestic student market while projecting future needs.


We will continue to be publicly recognized as the leading RTO with educational support staff, and as a register training organization committed to improve the quality of life for diverse academic, social and professional status, enhancing educational services to domestic students.


ABS is a private registered training organisation committed to provide quality education and training for the students in the most effective and professional manner. ABS has highly trained professionals with the right attitude and personal qualities necessary to deliver the highest standard of services.

ABS Institute values:

  • a commitment to excellence in learning and teaching and promoting learning as an enjoyable, Lifelong activity.

  • the importance of academic, social, emotional and moral development of each Student.

  • build and cultivate relationships – interpersonal and institutional, as well as the practice of win/win issue oriented strategies contribute to societal cohesiveness, participatory democracy and creative decision-making;

  • commitment to the respect and recognition of principle as our most valuable asset

  • supportive Institute environment where all persons on campus are treated fairly and respectfully

  • attractive physical environment which enhances effective teaching and learning.


  • ABS aims at providing quality education
  • ABS is located in the heart of western sydney
  • Student friendly environment
  • Flexible learning:classroom,online & hybrid study
  • Courses offered to suits students and professional needs
  • Option to modulate course duration